Q & A with UFC Featherweight Ode Osbourne


A school teacher fighting in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is definitely an oddity, but it’s more or less a lifestyle for upcoming featherweight fighter Ode Osbourne.  Osbourne  recently fought at UFC Vegas 18 on February 6, 2021. In this fight he was up against Jerome Rivera in a fight during the preliminary rounds. With just 26 seconds into the fight, Osbourne would get a left jab onto Rivera, putting him to the mat and ultimately giving the win to Osbourne. Osbourne has also had more experience fighting on the big stage. 

He started his career in the UFC on July 16, 2019, getting a submission against Armado Villareal by the use of an armbar in Dana White’s Contenders Series. Then on January 18, 2020 he got the chance to fight on the biggest stage, getting to be a part of a PPV fight, UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy. In this fight he would be faced up against Brian Kelleher and would be submitted ending the fight. After this fight his career would get put on hold for over a year due to Coronavirus, until his latest fight. As of now he is now working as a 5th and 6th teacher as well as a UFC fighter in pursuit of making his way into the top 15 and eventually a champion. 


Q: You just had a 26-second knockout against Jerome Rivera.  What went through your mind when this happened?

A: After I defeated Jerome Rivera, I instantly thought about the mission and that it wasn’t completed yet. 


Q: With becoming an aspiring MMA fighter, what kind of training do you have to do in order to prepare?

A: I train in wrestling, Jujitsu, kickboxing and strength and conditioning. I do a lot of physical training but also mental training. It’s important to train your mind the most because most of this game is mental. 


Q: What kind of style of fighting do you think best suits you?

A: My fighting style changes based on the opponents I’m going to fight. 


Q: Fighting in the UFC 246: McGregor vs Cowboy fight, is the biggest stage you can get on, what was that night like.

A: Fighting on UFC 246 was a lot of fun, but also distracting. I got caught up in the awe of everything that I lost focus and I lost sight of the mission. So, that was a good lesson to learn. 


Q: Obviously Champion is the goal at hand, with some big name fighters in the featherweight division, who is someone that sticks out to you that you would like to fight?

A: Hopefully if everything goes well I would like to fight Francisco Figueredo next because his brother is a champion number one and number two he just beat Jarome Rivera a few weeks ago so it’s a great match up. 


Q: To any kid out there trying to make a name for themselves, what would you have to say to them in inspiring your dreams of going pro?

A: To any kid out there trying to make a name for themselves to have  a goal for themselves and to not give up on the mission.