Quinlan Griffin – Eagle Scout


Congratulations to Redbank Valley senior Quinlan Griffin for achieving the rank of Eagle Scout at a special ceremony on October 28th, 2020, at the New Bethlehem Presbyterian Church!

Ever since 1910, the Boy Scouts have been one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-based youth development organizations. With 2.2 million member nationwide, there are Boy Scouts in all communities. Boy Scouts provides children with hands on learning and character building programs. The Eagle Scout rank is the highest rank in Boy Scouts. Those who wish to become an Eagle Scout must go through an exhausting list of requirements including active participation, Scout spirit, merit badges, position of responsibility, service projects, and a unit leader conference.

THE BARK interviewed Quinlan about his Boy Scouts experience.


How long have you been a Boy Scout? 

I have been a scout for approximately 12 years. I started in cub scouts when I was in first grade, and I crossed into Boy scouts when I turned 12. Once in Boy Scouts, I went up the ranks and finally achieved the rank of Eagle in the Fall of last year.


Why did you get involved in Boy Scouts? 

My brother joined cub scouts a year ahead of me, which gave me the idea to join. Once I joined I enjoyed a lot of the activities and stuck with it until I aged out.


What is one of your favorite memories from Boy Scouts? 

One of my favorite memories from scouting is my Order of the Arrow Ordeal. This is a challenge where you have to go through a whole weekend of silence and self-reflection through work. When you are there, you have to sleep under the stars with nothing but a tarp and a sleeping bag. No one told me that if it starts to rain, you should fold the tarp over yourself to keep dry, and breakfast the next day was a raw egg and uncooked bacon.


What are the requirements to become an Eagle Scout? 

There are many requirements to become an Eagle Scout. First of all, you have to pass all of the other ranks, and each comes with more requirements. Next you have to complete a service project which helps the community. Finally, you have to complete a board of review where you are tested by a group of officials on basically everything you have learned throughout scouting.


What project did you have to complete to become an Eagle Scout? 

For my Eagle project, I chose to build steps down to the creek to help stop erosion. I built the steps near the Bostonia Spur of the Redbank Valley Trail because this section was heavily eroded by people walking up and down to fish. 


What are your future plans? 

My future plans are to attend college at IUP and then go from there.


Would you recommend to others to join Boy Scouts?  

Yes, I would recommend Boy Scouts to others because it teaches you a lot of life skills and lessons that can help you to succeed in life.


What have you learned from Boy Scouts? 

Boy Scouts gave me a good understanding of leadership and what it means to help others. This really helped me actively try to help other people and taught me many life lessons along the way.


How has Boy Scouts shaped you into the individual you are today? 

Boy Scouts helped me to be respectful and to know how to work well with others. All of the rules and responsibilities of being a Boy Scout really helped me to mature and grow as a person.