Q & A with Former Texas Star and G-League Guard Javan Felix


82-82 with little to no time left on the clock, unranked Texas is all tied up with #3 ranked North Carolina. They miss the first shot and Javan Felix gets the rebound and hits a jumper to win it. That same night he had a game-high 25 points and would be named Big 12 Player of the Week and Oscar Robertson National Player of the Week. For his senior year, he would get recognized for being an Honorable Mention for the All-Big 12 Team. After not being selected in the 2016 Draft he went on to play at KK Gorica, an ABA team in Croatia. After that, he would make his way to the G-League, where he is at right now. He started his run in the G-League with the Oklahoma City Blue and is now on the South Bay Lakers. From what I have seen from him in the G-League, don’t be surprised if he is in the NBA before too long.


Q: Getting some experience in the G-League and some time in the ABA, is the NBA in mind?


A: The NBA is something that will always be a goal of mine. I’ve worked hard to get to where I am today and I will continue to set goals that I want to attain. The NBA has been a goal of mine since the first time I went to an NBA game but if it doesn’t happen I’m okay with knowing I put the effort in. 


Q: Playing in the G-League you’ve gotten the chance to play with and against some good players, who stood out to you the most?


A: The players that stood out the most to me are some of the best players that we all know in the world today. Players like Russell Westbrook, Paul George, LeBron, Anthony Davis, and a few others. But there are guys who I think deserve recognition like Pierre Jackson, Devontae Cacok, and PJ Dozier. These are people that I think are very very talented and more importantly good, humble, and down-to-earth people. 


Q: Playing your college career at Texas, you’ve gotten the opportunity to be a part of some big things, anything in particular stands out?


A: Playing at Texas, in general, was a big highlight of my life because it was a goal that I set for myself in eighth grade. My favorite playing growing up was DJ Augustin, who was from my hometown, and to see him have so much success at a university like that was attainable.


Q: Hitting that game-winner knocking off Number 3. UNC was crazy, what do you remember from that night?


A: I remember that night vividly. It was a night to remember because everything went right that day and before the game, not many people know this I had an exam earlier that day. This was one of the most important exams of my life. I did a great job on it and that momentum carried me into the game which I have my whole family in attendance including all of my siblings and it was just a magical day.


Q: Your dream is to be a general manager for a team, if you could be the GM of any team, which would it be.


A: If I could be the general manager for any team that will probably be the Lakers because they’re such a historic organization and the tradition of winning is constant and Held in high regard. The standards and levels of success would prepare me to be successful in any other Endeavors in life.


Q: You’re getting to live through every kid’s dream, what do you have to say to a kid trying to go an extra step.


A: I would say above everything to work hard. Work hard at whatever you want to achieve, block out the noise, block out the negativity. All of that takes away from your focus to capture the task at hand. Set goals and try everything In your power to come up with a plan to achieve your goals. Be kind to people and always remain humble. If you pair these with your faith the sky’s the limit!