Q & A with Mizzou commit QB Tyler Macon


Drew Lock, Kelly Bryant, Chase Daniel, and Blaine Gabbert are just a few quarterbacks to come from the University of Missouri. Tyler Macon hopes to join that list of names, hoping to be their starter in 2021. Macon comes from East St.Louis High School and has had many different teams give him offers like Louisville, UCLA, Iowa, and many more, but overall Macon chose Mizzou. Macon’s dual-threat style is something we are starting to see a lot of in football, with players like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, Deshawn Watson, and many others. This however is something that we hardly see out of Mizzou football. He hopes that he can change that narrative when he joins the team in 2021 in pursuit of being their starter.

Q: You’re competing in a very talented quarterback class.  What drives you to be the best?

A: Just the thought that someone’s out there working harder or just as hard…just drives me because there’s only one QB on the field at a time, so I gotta do everything I possibly can to make sure it’s me.

Q: You had offers from many great schools like Iowa, Michigan State, UCLA, and others. What made you decide on Missouri?

A: Just so my family can be there to watch me every week. I’m big on family and Mizzou gave me that home away from home type vibe and the coaches messed with me very hard since day 1, so I’m forever grateful for the opportunity so I chose Mizzou.

Q: The Elite 11 competition features some of the nation’s top quarterbacks. What was that experience like?

A: It was good to know where I ranked up against those other guys and the world looked at me before and after the event. I entered at 19 and left out as 5, but it was a very eye-opening experience on and off the field. It’s an accolade that will stick with me forever.

Q: You’re considered a dual-threat quarterback, something Missouri is not known for. What are you bringing to the table at Mizzou?

A: I’m bringing a person who can dominate the game, running the ball or throwing the ball if one’s not going my way, and still take over the game.

Q: As a person who can dominate running and passing on the field, who would you compare your game to?

A: Kyler Murray

Q: You’re getting to play the sport that you love at the D1 level, a kid’s dream. What would you like to say to a kid trying to live his dream?

A: I’ll just say keep your head up through it all, stay humble, never let a moment get you uncomfortable, and last, don’t listen to the critics because somebody is always going to have something to say, so just keep working till it’s inevitable.