Student of the Week


Congratulations to Brooklyn Edmonds for being Student of the Week!  Continue reading this questionnaire to find a little bit more about Brooklyn.

Q:  What is your favorite book, its author and why?

A:   Choosing a favorite book is a very hard task for me. However, one of the first books that comes to find is Papertowns. I really enjoy this book because of the mystery and wording. I’m a sucker for mystery and suspense books. That’s probably why my favorites also include the Charlotte Holmes and Truly Devious series. These series have amazing plots, and keep you guessing until the end. 

Q: What kind of music do you enjoy?  What’s your favorite band or musician and why?

A: I enjoy almost every genre of music, but rock. However, if I had to choose, my favorites would be country or Christian music. I enjoy country music because it is the music I grew up listening to. I also like Chirstian music because it fills me with joy and can be very relaxing and catchy. 

Q:  Who is your personal hero and why?

A: My personal hero would have to be my grandma Laurie. I have always looked up to her, and admired her strength and relationship with God. Even while battling cancer she cared about everyone else, and could always put a smile on your face. Now that she’s passed away, I strive to be like her and make her proud. 

Q:  Was it your preferred or dream career/job?

A: My dream job is a biomedical engineer because I love helping people, science, and medicine. This job combines all three. You get to do research within the medical field to develop new devices and other equipment. 

Q:  What has been the highlight of your high school experience so far?

A: The highlight of my high school experience so far has been my freshman year basketball season. Probably the biggest highlight of that time would be winning the D9 girl’s basketball championship with my team. However, I loved the entire season and our playoff run. 

Q: What is your favorite subject and why?

A: My favorite subject is science because I am fascinated by everything. In science you get to learn about the world around you. I love learning new information, and I’m very intrigued by how things work. 

 Q: If you could change one thing about your high school experience so far, what would that change be and why?

A: The one thing that I would change about my high school experience would be trying soccer in Junior High because that is the only sport I have never played. 

 Q: Name three things you would like to accomplish this school year?

A: This year I would like to accomplish winning a second district championship in basketball with my team; getting straight A’s; and starting a new project outside of school. 

Q: If you could spend one year abroad, where would you go and why?

A:   If I could spend one year abroad I would go to Peru because of the beautiful landscapes and hiking. There is so much to see in Peru that I think I would never get bored. I love to travel, so to spend one year abroad anywhere would be amazing.