RVHS Lady Bulldog Soccer Team- Headed to Playoffs


When thinking about sports at Redbank Valley, most people would have football pop into their heads first. Football is usually the most popular sport at schools, but tons of other activities are left in the shadows. One, for example, is both boys’ and girls’ soccer.

In the past ten years, the girls’ soccer team has had a handful of new coaches as well as the boys. Struggling to keep up with funding for our programs, we have had to raise money through multiple fundraisers and essentially build our programs from the ground up.

As a senior on the girls’ soccer team, it is an amazing experience and feeling to watch both programs grow with talent, players, and gear. From fundraising we have been able to purchase new bags, balls, pennies, uniforms, warm ups, banners, gloves, and much more. The phenomenal coaches also spend all season giving all their time to the players so they can have a smooth season.

Even with Covid affecting our area, we still managed to get the season up and running, even if it was a little late. As a team we were nervous if we would even have a season at all. There was talk of no fall sports, or only fall sports for a month. Each month was played by ear, and with a late start that meant that we had a short amount of time for all our games to be played. When we first got the season schedule, we saw that only 13 games. As a senior that was heartbreaking for me.   I remember growing up and watching my sisters play and always waiting for the day my team would be a power-house like they were. Fortunately,  our great athletic director, Mr. Hartle,  got us back to 17 games.

Fourteen of those seventeen games played were brought home as a win for the Lady Bulldogs. The three losses were to Karns City twice and West Branch. Ten of those wins were shutouts with no score on the opposing team’s side. A shutout on its own is a huge compliment to our highly defensive back line, trusting goalie, and the rest of our team. Ten shutouts in a regular season is a  new record for the girls’ varsity soccer team ever. The last record was set in 2017, which was when the current seniors were freshmen.   

A personal record was set on the team as well with Rhiannon Laughlin pulling in 14 assists in the regular season, surpassing the last record which was set in 2015 with 10 assists by Jasmine Adams.   (Adams still holds the record for all time assists with 38.)  Laughlin currently has 28 all time assists with several of her teammates trailing behind that number.  The goal differential for this year is +47 (average of goals scored and goals let in) at the moment before the playoff game. That is also another record that is under the girl varsity soccer team’s belt this year, with the last record being in 2010 with +38.

A new record for the least amount of goals let in was also set this year with only 19 passing through our net. The last record was set in 2016 with only 24 goals let in.

A personal record for Coach Michael Dawson and Assistant Coaches Megan Nolf and Courtney Syfert is most wins in a season. The previous most was 11 for the 3 coaches; now the wins are topped off with 14 in this regular season alone. 

During the 2020 season, so far 16 of the 23 players on the team have scored for the Lady Bulldogs. The Lady Bulldog soccer team is also on a race to beat the number of goals scored in a season. With 66 goals scored in the regular season, the number to beat is 72, which was set in 2015. 

Below are the current season scores for the Lady Bulldogs: 

  • 9/14 Keystone (W 2-0) A                     
  • 9/15 Brookville (W 3-0) AA
  • 9/17 Clarion (W 2-0) A
  • 9/21 Franklin (W 1-0) AA
  • 9/22 West Branch (L 3-1) A
  • 9/25 Oil City (W 7-0) AAA
  • 9/28 Karns City (L 2-1) AA
  • 9/29 Keystone (W 8-1) A
  • 10/5 Punxsy (W 8-1) AA
  • 10/6 Clarion (W 4-2) A 
  • 10/9 Oil City (W 8-0) AAA
  • 10/12 Karns City (L 7-0) AA
  • 10/13 Brookville (W 2-0) AA
  • 10/15 Curwensville (W 6-0) A
  • 10/19 Punxsy (W 6-0) AA
  • 10/21 Curwensville (W 3-0) A
  • 10/22 Brockway (W 4-3) A


Wednesday, October 28, the Lady Bulldogs will face off with the Clarion Lady Bobcats at 4:00. The theme for the game is Pajamas and the game will be streamed through D9Sports. The winner of the Wednesday game will play either Brockway (2) or Port Allegheny (3) on Thursday, 11/5 at Brockway at 5:00 pm for the championship. 

Update:   The Lady Bulldogs beat Clarion 3-1 and are headed to the finals!