Golden Bulldog Award

Secertary Mrs. Trimble earns the Golden Bulldog Award


This week, Mr. Fricko selected Mrs. Trimble, high school secretary,  for the Golden Bulldog Award. Mr.Fricko says:

“Mrs. Trimble is behind the scenes of so much that happens in our building and never in the spotlight. Her responsibilites ensure a smooth daily flow to the day that many people would never even think about. Making sure school news and important happenings are announced daily, parking pemits, club financials, making sure the athletics are properly prepared for the events every evening. These are only a few of things Mrs. Trimble makes happen on a daily basis. Her humble demeanor would never let us know the huge role she has in the smooth operation of everyday life at Redbank Valley.”

We love you, Mrs. Trimble!

Mrs. Trimble will be nomanating next week’s Golden Bulldog Award.

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