Golden Bulldog Award

Mr. Fricko

Mr. Fricko is the winner of The Bark’s first Golden Bulldog Award! The Golden Bulldog Award is an honor given to Redbank Valley staff for their dedication and love for the school and students. 

Mr. Fricko teaches English, operates RVTV Live, and maintains a variety of extracurricular activities. He trained school district teachers for remote instruction, spending his summer planning and preparing the district’s online instructional strategies to accommodate the current pandemic. 

Mr. Fricko is involved with sports, including Soccer, Junior High Girls’ Basketball, Junior High Boys’ Basketball, Junior High Cross Country, and Track.  In addition, he has contributed to his community with the Teen Reading Lounge at the public library, promotes and participates in running events, and volunteers for the community center.   

Mr. Fricko is a very calm, kind, but energetic teacher.  Congratulations, Mr. Fricko.  We love you. 

Mr. Fricko will nominate next week’s Golden Bulldog Award winner.