COVID-19 Series: High School Traditions


Since the Coronavirus pandemic has shut down schools, the last day of school in our building was Friday March 13, 2020. This was almost the end of the third nine weeks for Redbank Valley students.  Some students thought that doing online school would be fun; however, they soon realized that they would not be able to participate in traditions that take place every year. Some of these traditions include the following: 

National Honor Society Inductions  


 Last 1/2 day of school

Awards day

Step Up Day 

Time Capsule Opening Party

Senior Skip Day

Senior Trip

Prom with promenade, coronation, and pictures

Search for Work Day 

Spring Musical

Spring band concert – senior recognition

Spring choral concert – senior recognition

Track, softball, baseball – senior night/recognition

Talent Show

Career Center Graduation 

 Although, accommodations have been made so that some of these events could still take place. Events like National Honor Society inductions and Awards Day were held virtually so that the students could still be recognized. Search for Work Day interviews were held over the phone, Facetime, or Zoom calls. Time Capsules were picked up at the school and opened at home. The Career Center’s graduation is being held as a drive through.  Lastly, Redbank’s graduation will be held at Alcola Park and social distancing will be in practice. 

Although accommodations have been made so that some of these events could still take place, we all know there is no substitute for being together in OUR school to make these memories special.  May the Class of 2020 know that we support them, and may no other class have to deal with this kind of loss of tradition.  

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