COVID-19 Series: Corona vs The Community


COVID 19– every single thing you see and hear about is the coronavirus. Our generation has never experienced a time in history like this pandemic.  This crazy virus is shutting down business after business and postponing major events like the Olympics and the entire MLB season. This virus is putting the whole world in fear…fear of something we, the people, and even scientists don’t entirely understand..fear we may catch this virus and harm our bodies and even die. But, do we entirely know what we are afraid of?

The coronavirus is doing more than just harming people physically. It is causing depression in people and bringing sorrow everywhere. I’ve heard crazy stories since the pandemic began where someone’s husband or wife or kid is on his/her deathbed and relatives aren’t even allowed to say goodbye. How can we live in a society that does not permit a spouse or parent to be at the deathbed of a loved one?  I understand safety precautions, but this is unacceptable. If that isn’t bad enough, when the family has funeral services for the deceased, only a certain number of people are permitted to attend, so loved ones might never get the chance to see the deceased ever again.

Why? Why are we letting governmental agencies and politicians decide what we do in our everyday lives? Why are we letting them decide who and what is nonessential? Why are we letting them destroy our small businesses and our economy?  America is supposed to be the one place in the world that gives its citizens hope. I hope Americans can start up a business, doing what they love without governmental interference.

At one point I think precautions were needed during this pandemic, but at the moment I believe quarantine is unnecessary. Life should be going back to normal, and we should be able to reopen America. If you still want to wear a mask because you are living in the fear of catching the coronavirus, go ahead; but right now, we don’t need everybody stuck at  home. We should be allowed to go to a diner AND eat there. We should have sports, with or without fans. We should be permitted to go into a barber that doesn’t seat more than fifteen people and get a haircut. We should have our freedom back.

During this current economically tragic time, one constant I see is our school district and the New Bethlehem community supporting one another.   Redbank Valley School District has done a phenomenal job during this uncertain time.  The staff and faculty have been supportive, making school and the environment of learning right now so much better.  I have noticed that teachers are being very accepting and reliable when needing help on different assignments. Anytime I have needed something I could always find help.  Our district and teachers have been able to support students and their families by supplying them with meals daily, while supporting our local farmers and businesses.

I hope society and our economy can return and be able to flourish again. I hope that students will  return to school at the regularly scheduled time, with football, volleyball, and soccer games played this fall. I believe that our country is going to learn from this time in history so when we face another global health emergency, we can handle it better. I believe that we will grow stronger, not just in this community, but as a great nation.


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