COVID-19 Series: My Life in Quarantine


Aubriana and I

My life in quarantine has been pretty interesting. Despite some boring moments, most of it has been fun.

I have been quarantining with my cousin, Aubriana. We have been going back and fourth between our houses practically this entire time. When we are together we find ways to have fun. For example we go across the street and play basketball, go on walks, and she taught me how to long board. That was pretty entertaining.

My whole neighborhood is close with one another, so we have also been around each other and social distancing together.

When all of this first began, I went and stayed with my sister for a few nights. We couldn’t do much, so to entertain ourselves we either binge watched shows on Netflix, or went on drives and listened to music.

My Sweet 16 Quarantined

A lot of people, including myself had to celebrate their birthdays in quarantine. But my birthday was probably the best one I’ve ever had.

When I finally rolled myself out of bed and decided to get ready, Aubri told me I was not allowed to go downstairs until someone came to get us. I figured it was a surprise. I expected a car, or a puppy, or something else I’ve been wanting for a while, but neither a car nor a puppy could not compare to the amazing surprise in which I received.

We finally got called downstairs and went outside. My neighbors were standing on my porch which they and my mom had decorated for me. After thanking them for doing that for me, I noticed that they kept looking down the street as if something was going to come up. Soon enough I heard the sirens of a fire truck, so I Joined them and looked down the street. There was a parade of my friends and family driving past my house with signs and balloons. Even if I could not be with my friends and family that day, I was so thankful to see them even for a few seconds. I was so happy to see everyone.

My neighbors made Chicken Alfredo for my birthday dinner. When we were sitting at the table before eating I heard my door open. Someone said “Kenzie.” I looked out the window and saw their car. I realized who it was. I ran out into the living room and saw my best friend, Mackayla. I hadn’t seen her in over a month before that. I was so happy to see her. She was able to stay for dinner and a while after, so we got to catch up on the time we missed together. I’m so thankful for everything that happened that day.

Online Schooling

Online schooling is going fairly well for me.  I feel like I have been working more diligently now than I was when we were in school. I get most of my work done before the due date, and it is a lot less stressful to me. I like that I can do my work at my own pace and It’s easier to focus without people talking to me while I’m working.

Quarantine is definitely not my favorite, but my life in quarantine has been pretty great.