Principal’s Message – 05.11


Hi RVHS students!

Are you still hanging in there?  I sure hope so!  We have a little over 3 weeks of school left and I know you can do it!  I have seen so much hard work coming in from you over the last month, and I am grateful for your dedication.  This has not been easy for any of us, and I can not wait to see you all again in the fall!

End of year plans are being finalized.  I will let you know in a couple days what the plan is for locker clean out and graduation.  We have been working behind the scenes to make this process as easy as we can. 

Take these next couple weeks to finish up and plan for how you will fill your days this summer.  Make sure to thank your parents or guardians for all of their hard work during this time.  (They aren’t used to you being home this much either.)  

I also would like to hear from you.  Let me know how you are doing and what you plan to do this summer.  You can email me anytime:  [email protected].  

Have a wonderful week!

Mrs Rupp

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