COVID-19 Series: Netflix Recommendations

COVID-19 Series:  Netflix Recommendations

Are you bored during this quarantine? If so, here are some of my favorites from Netflix.

Anne With An E – TV-PG

The show is about an orphan girl named Anne who gets adopted by two elderly siblings. This show is set in the 1800s and has three seasons.  Based on the book Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery.  I would rate this a 10/10.

Dumplin’ – PG-13

Willowdean is the daughter of a former beauty pageant queen.  She decides to sign up for the town beauty pageant managed by her mother only as a protest.   I would rate this movie 10/10.

Malibu Rescue – TV-G

Watch as four kids who want to be junior lifeguards in Malibu, California, compete to see which lifeguard tower wins them. I would rate this movie a 8/10.

Greenhouse Academy – TV-PG

Siblings, Haley and Alex,  an astronaut for a mom. Unexpected events happen and Alex and Haley are sent to their mother’s alma mater, Greenhouse Academy, a boarding school.   Greenhouse Academy has two houses–the Ravens and the Eagles, each having their own strengths, which come into play as they compete in challenges.    I rate it 10/10.