COVID- 19 Series: Productivity


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the entire world. The public health organizations, Centers of Disease Control and the World Health Organizations issued strict social distancing guidelines. With the closing of schools, more than 41 million students are stuck at home with nothing to do. Students may have liked the unexpected “vacation” for the first couple of days, but by day three the novelty was worn off. Don’t forget that movie theaters, amusement parks and restaurants aren’t open, which leaves parents with bored, unproductive teenagers.

We are all  looking for ways to stay productive during quarantine.  Here are suggestions that will keep you busy for the next couple of weeks or months.

Devices– Since we, students, aren’t getting the social contact that we would get at school, we have turned to our devices to keep us company. Messaging our friends will ease our sense of being in isolation. However, too much screen time is neither productive nor healthy, so we should set limits..

Academics– It is very important for us to continue doing school work while school is closed. Even though teachers provide us with the work and help we need, do not get upset when parents check up to make sure you are keeping up with assignments.  Parents have to take on the role of “encouraging” that used to be found daily in your teachers.  Don’t get defensive.

Personal Enrichment– All those extra hours you have at home can be used to learn something new. For example, maybe you’ve always wanted to learn how to play an instrument.  Now is a good time to do that.

Exercise– You can still exercise even though gyms are closed. Anything from shooting hoops to kicking a ball in the backyard or watching workout videos. There are many ways to stay active during quarantine. Not only does exercise release endorphines, it keeps you healthy.

Schedule – Make a schedule and stick to it- Teens should set regular bedtimes, wake up times and mealtimes. Even though school is closed, you still have work that needs to be done. In order to get it done, you should go to bed and wake up at reasonable times.

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