COVID-19 Series: Stay Active

COVID-19 Series:  Stay Active

Although it’s important to stay home and stay safe during this time, it is possible to find ways to stay healthy and in shape from home. Since everyone currently has more time on their hands, you should use this time to stay active instead of just sitting around.

Taking a jog around your house or using a workout video are some good ways to stay healthy while at home.

Mr. Rex, a gym teacher and track coach here at RVHS, told us a little about how his family is staying healthy and some tips on what you can do to stay active:

“I have 2 boys and they have been doing the “30 day challenge” posted on the PE Google Classrooms.  They have also been attempting the Fortnite challenge and push up challenges.

We have already made a few trips to the “Rails to Trails” to either walk our dogs or ride our bikes.  We also do the same around our house.

What I now call “really early spring cleaning” has also been a daily routine at the Rex house.  We’ve cleaned several areas of our house (especially closets, garages, and storage areas) which requires a lot of lifting and moving things.  With that said, we’ve done a lot of work outside like, shoveling mulch around our house, loading and unloading some firewood, etc.

We play wiffle ball and basketball a lot, along with several other sports/games. We go for an occasional “buggy” ride and plan on doing some fishing and turkey hunting soon.

We will probably open the pool in a few weeks and that may just consume lots of our time.  This is how the Rex house has been staying active so far.”

Overall, there are many different ways to stay fit and active while at home. Whether you use some of the ideas listed above or think of something new on your own, this quarantine does not mean you have to sacrifice your health.