COVID-19 Series: Redbank Students Want to Know…


1. How will students take the Keystones?

2. Do the seniors still graduate at the end of the academic school year?

3. Was the coronavirus made in a lab?

4. Why was toilet paper so scarce at the beginning of this pandemic?

5. How do I get my textbook?

6. How will fall sports practice if we are still facing a pandemic during summer?

7. Will the next school year start on time?

8. How will the seniors get their time capsules?

9. Will the seventh graders seal their time capsules?

10. When will parents get to vote for the referendum in the election?

11. How will the sixth graders know what to expect for seventh grade if there won’t be Mission Transition?

12. When will the United States hit the peak of COVID-19?

13. When will I clean out my locker?

14. Is prom still going to happen?

16. What about senior awards and scholarships?

17. What is guidance doing about scheduling for next year?

18. Will I ever feel safe to travel to NYC again?

19. Did Mrs. Weaver have her baby?

20. When will my parents go back to work?

21. Will we be able to go on our family beach vacation?

22. Is President Trump doing a good job dealing with this pandemic?

23. Is the online learning that we are receiving now going to be enough to complete our education for the year?

24. Will I ever get this Study Island finished?

25. How do I know what virus information is the actual truth?

Information about the coronavirus seems to change every day.  So what are the facts?   America has never experienced a pandemic, but we will get answers eventually.  We, as a community, need to have strength, and we will get through this rough time together.   Keep asking questions, but try to be patient for the answers.   

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