Q & A with 5-star Oregon Commit Ty Thompson


With Oregon losing their star quarterback Justin Herbert this year to the NFL Draft, it is time for them to start looking for their future QB1. In this year’s recruiting class, they got a great one out of Thompson. In 2019 he was able to lead Mesquite High School to win an Arizona State Championship. He also had offers from many notable schools, like LSU, Michigan State, Miami, and Wisconsin. Thompson is ranked as one of the top 150 in his recruiting class and proved to have a great junior season. During that season he put up 4,074 yards and 45 touchdowns. He has already proven to be one of the top ten quarterbacks in his recruiting class alone and with a great senior year, he could make his way even higher in the rankings.  

Q: You’re one of the best athletes in your recruiting class, let alone at the quarterback. What drives you to be your best?

A: My main goal is just being the best athlete I can be so I can make my family proud and hopefully one day make a career out of playing the sport I love.


Q: You had many offers from many great colleges, including the defending national champions, LSU Tigers. What made you choose Oregon?

A: It was just the fit. As soon as I got on campus and got to meet with the coaches, I just felt at home. I feel like there wasn’t a better fit out there for me.


Q: Some great quarterbacks came from Oregon like Marcus Mariota and Justin Herbert, to name a few. Do you think you can be a college great like them?

A: Yes, that’s the goal. Make a name for myself at Oregon the same way some of the greats did.


Q: Winning a state championship is an unreal experience. What was that like?

A: That was really  cool. Winning a state championship with my best friends is the best feeling. Having all of our hard work pay off in the biggest game of our lives was just surreal.


Q: How has this coronavirus been affecting you as an athlete to keep prepared for your season?

A: It’s been keeping me out of the gym which I’m not used to. I’ve always been the kind of guy that loves the weight room and keeping me out of it is painful, but I’m staying in shape doing workouts around the house and stuff. The main thing is it canceled like half of our spring practices coming up, which is the most important time of the year.


Q: You’re living every kid’s dream right now.  What do you have to say to a kid who wants to be as good as you?

A: I mean I’m still living my childhood dream. It’s still crazy to me, all of this. But I’d say make sure you’re the hardest worker you know and all your friends know. Be different. Do everything and anything that you possibly can to be better that day. Never go to bed feeling like you didn’t get better that day.


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