Tik Tok Addiction


The addicting app Tik Tok, previously known as Musical.ly, is starting to be questioned by adults. Many teachers have no idea what the attraction is and just shake their heads as they watch teenagers bee-bop through the halls or do random dance moves while taking notes in class.

In August 2014 Musical.ly was created and shared short lip-sync videos. The app was fairly popular along with Vine, a simular app where people shared six second, looping video clips. When Vine shut down on January 17, 2017, its users moved to Musical.ly; and as a result, in May 2017 Musically reached over 200 million users. This became too much for the creators to handle so the app was passed over to new authors who made it into Tik Tok. Over the years, Tik Tok has become one of the most popular apps with not only teens, but 60 million users worldwide. This makes Tik Tok the third most popular app behind Instagram with 111 million and Snapchat with 190 million users.

RV students were surveyed about how many hours a day they spend on Tik Tok. Most students say that they are on the app on average from 1-3 hours per day. Given that RV students are in school for eight hours, three hours is a significant amount of time to dedicate to an app. When surveyed about why they like the app so much, the common response was they just like the dancing and music; however, could there be more?

Tik Tok also offers features like scenerios and story times that users can relate to. In addition, users can make money by creating video ads for products which promote sales for specific companies.

Recently a group of teenagers have been getting all of the fame for the past 4 months. Fifteen year old Charli D’ amelio started getting hype way back in November when she choreographed and posted a dance. The Tik Tok blew up, gaining up to 4 million likes and every two weeks Charli gained at least 2 million more followers. As of March, Charli has 32 million followers. Because of her Tik Tok fame, Charli was invited to make a NFL comercial, being paid 2 million dollars for saying the phrase, ¨Okay, Boomer.” Charli has also been asked to be a model for companies like PRADA. All because of Tik Tok!

Users question whether Tik Tok might shut down one day because of the volume of videos on the site. We question this because Tik Tok has become very popular and gets used all day and every day by so many people. Vine crashed when it had 200 million followers; Tik tok isn’t too far behind. After Vine crashed people were devastated and weren’t sure what they were going to do in their free time. Would the same thing happen if Tik Tok shut down as well? Tik Tok better get ready for the future because RV students will experience Tik Tok  withdrawal if they don’t!

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