Pep Rally!!

On Friday, March 6, 2020, the varsity girls´ basketball team was getting ready to play their first state playoff game against Cochranton at Clarion University Tippin gym. The intermediate school hosted a pep rally with the help of Jenean Smith and Rachelle Kirkpatrick.

The Intermediate students made signs that were hung all around the cafeteria, and some kids even had hand held signs. The pep rally started by the cheerleaders doing a few cheers and the varsity players being announced one by one.

Then, the girls and students participated in a shooting game with the boys´and girls´ youth teams that are going to states as well. The varsity girls put together a video of them giving the younger students advice and why they should play sports.

The pep rally ended by the students chanting,”WE ARE, REDBANK!¨ as the girls walked out. The girls lined up in the halls and received high fives from all the students. The team also wore their District 9 championship medals to the school so the students could see them.

The varsity girls beat Cochranton and advanced to the second round of state playoffs where they lost to Bellwood Antis.

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