Brock Barrett: A Tackling Titan


Barrett, number 27, ready to head down field to make the tackle.

Brock Barret, a 2018 graduate from Redbank Valley, is excelling on the field and in the classroom at Westminster College. In an interview with Brock, he gave us some information about playing on the field and some advice for the future graduates here at Redbank Valley.

Q: What college do you attend?

Brock Barrett: I attend Westminster College (PA).

Q: What fears about college have you overcome?

BB: I overcame the fear of time-management and learning how to manage each day I have here.

Q: What sport and position do/did you play?

BB: I play football, and I am a Strong Safety/ Outside Linebacker.

Q: How often do you practice? 

BB: During the season we practice for 2 hours Monday-Friday.

Q: How much play time are you getting? Are you starting?

BB: I start special teams, but I am a back-up on defense.

Q: How frequently do you travel for your sport? 

BB: We split the schedule in half home/ half away games.  I traveled to all the games, including our bowl game, which we won.

Q: Who are your biggest supporters?

BB: My biggest supporters are definitely my parents. They push me to the best of my ability and lead me in the path that I need to go.

Q: How did you secure an athletic scholarship to this college?

BB: We are D3, so I actually don’t have an scholarship, but I was recruited by a coach my senior year at Redbank.

Q: How do you balance the demands of your athletic sport and your academic courses?

BB: Academics come first, before football.  Surround yourself with  friends going through the same thing you are everyday.  This helps with the demands.

Q: Tell me about the recruitment process happening here at Redbank Valley?

BB: Well, the wide receiver coach came to RVHS my senior year and persuaded me to come (to Westminster) with bowl rings…he kept his promise because I am getting my first bowl ring this spring.

Q: What advice could you give RVHS athletes that might be interested in playing at the college level?

BB: If you are an athlete at RVHS, play as many sports as you can and be a well-rounded athlete because we are a small school and don’t get as much attention as the bigger schools.

Barrett down and ready.
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