The XFL: A New Generation


XFL is a  league that has just been created to bring a new fun look to the game of football, bringing bigger hits, better plays, and an overall more exciting experience.

The league started out as a way that most of these leagues start out and try to bring football after the NFL season is over. We saw a league similar like this last year when we were introduced to the AAF (Alliance of American Football) where they brought in players like Zac Stacy, Trent Richardson, Christian Hackenberg, and many other players. Although the league was doing okay in their first year of existence, they folded completely after filing for bankruptcy. 

The XFL was actually in existence before at one point. In 2001 Vince McMahon brought in a league that was a combination of basically if the WWE met football. They brought in fun names to their jerseys like seeing Rod Smart where the famous “He Hate Me” jersey. They brought in new rules to make the game of football more dangerous and fun. It however would only be able to last for one year. The MVP of the season is actually a player that most Steeler fans know and was Tommy Madox.

The New XFL has done a good job of bringing in some solid players. Some of the names that would stand out are Landry Jones, Cardale Jones, Sammie Coats, Christine Michael, Roberto Aguayo, Zach Mettenberger, and many more. Some players that could make this league even more fun that should consider joining the league could be Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow, Chad “Ochosinco” Johnson, Marshawn Lynch, Antonio Brown, and other older players or guys who failed to perform in the NFL.

Something that the newer XFL did that the 2001 failed at was keeping it football. The 2001 season failed at keeping it a game of football and made it seem more like the WWE than football. The thing that is making this league better is that there are no off field controversies. If a fight happens a fight happens and they will proceed. Where the NFL will put fines and suspend people for stuff, because they are supposed to be a safer league. This league they had XBOX controllers to view instant replay, something that you would see almost out of Madden. It is just a more fun league.

A bunch of rule changes came as well to this league. Just on the Special teams side of things, they brought in a whole new Kickoff system, unlike anything the NFL does. The kicking team is set at the 30 yard line and will kick off, unlike the NFL and NCAA where it is set at the 35. Then both teams line up across from each other and play football at a somewhat line of scrimmage type way. Then two other things that are different are kicks that do not travel 20 feet instead of 10 and kicks that go out of bounds will all be spotted at the 45 where in the NFL and NCAA are at the 40. There are other minor details involved in the kickoff as well. Two big things that the XFL does on punts are that teams are not allowed to have gunners on the field, as well as not letting any player from the punting team cannot pass the line of scrimmage until the ball is kicked.

Many other different and unique rules and changes came as well. After a team scores a touchdown, there isn’t a going for two or kicking an extra point. They have a one point, two point and three point opportunity. Thus moving the ball back as the points get higher as the points grow, being two yards, five yards, and ten yards. Teams are also allowed two forward passes as well. Overtime is also different as well, being like a shootout, something that is almost out of hockey or soccer. The clockage is different as well, as in the XFL they have a continuous clock all the way until the two minute warning, where they revert to the rules of the NFL. There are no challenges only instant replays and they have brought in a whole new ball to the game.

The XFL also has something very unique, it’s called Team 9. It’s essentially a team that works as this leagues free agency. There are 30 people on this team and if a team needs a player to fill a spot of an injury or other issue, they would take a player from the Team 9. One of the players that I have interviewed before, Gerhard de Beer, is actually on this 30 man roster right now.

This brand new season works somewhat like every other league would work. There is a ten week league that takes place and starts a week after the Super Bowl. The teams featured in this league are Dallas Renegades, Houston Roughnecks, Los Angeles Wildcats, Seattle Dragons, DC Defenders, New York Guardians, St. Louis BattleHawks, and Tampa Bay Vipers. The four teams are split by two different conferences, the East and the West. 

The average salary of an XFL player is around $55,000 for every player. Depending on the position they can make more than this, depending on the position. Likewise, a starting quarterback would make more than a backup kicker. Being a star in the league can bring in a decent amount of compensation.

This league has had a very successful start so far. They have been able to bring in a bunch of decently pro players and made a league where football is fun again. They gave us football after the NFL that is actually entertaining. If the XFL can bring in some of those top players like Antonio Brown and Johnny Manziel, this league could keep itself running. One big thing that will come through if they are a successful league is gaining NFL star level talent. Get a player like Kareem Hunt or Travis Kelce and this could make things very entertaining. The biggest thing to come from this league though is that there is football again after an NFL season. Whether or not it will be successful, that’s for time to tell.