Paiton Rizzo Jumping Right In At Thiel


Paiton Rizzo down in blocks waiting for the gun to go off!

Paiton Rizzo, a 2019 graduate from Redbank Valley, is excelling on with track and field but also and in the classroom at Thiel College. In an interview with Paiton, she gave us some information about her on the track and some advice for future graduates here at Redbank Valley.

The Bark: What college do you attend?

Paiton Rizzo: I attend Thiel College.

TB: What fears about college have you overcome?

PR: I overcame the fears of making new friends and fitting in on a new team.

TB: What sport and position do/did you play?

PR: I am a sprinter, hurdler, and jumper on the track and field team.

TB: How often do you practice? 

PR: We practice once every day for two hours and have lifting sessions for about an hour, two days a week.

TB: How frequently do you travel for your sport?

PR:  We travel almost every weekend to schools between one and four hours away.

TB: Who are your biggest supporters?

PR: My family and coaches are definitely my biggest supporters.

TB: How did you secure an athletic scholarship to this college?

PR: Division three schools can’t give athletic scholarships, so I don’t have a scholarship for athletics.

TB: How do you balance the demands of your athletic sport and your academic courses?

PR: It hasn’t really gotten hard yet to balance athletics and academics because my classes haven’t gotten hard yet. When I do get a big workload, I just sit down during my free time and get it all done so I don’t have to do it last minute.

TB: Tell me about the recruitment process here at Redbank Valley?

PR: Thiel basically just sent me a letter asking me to join their team and once I looked into the school and applied, the coach called me and set up a meeting. Then, I believe he called and talked to Coach Fricko and sent me my letter to sign and commit officially.

TB: What advice could you give RVHS athletes that might be interested in playing at the college level?

PR: I would tell any RVHS athlete looking to compete in college that they need to be prepared to work a lot harder than they did in high school. The practices at the college level are much more harder and more serious. Also, I would tell them to not go into thinking that they are going to continue to be the best because they will get a giant reality check when they are out competing with people that want to win just as badly as them.

Paiton Rizzo got 5th at the PAC Indoor Track and Field Championship!