Jr. High Student Feature 02.10.20


Caleb Root

This week, the Junior High Student Feature goes to seventh grader, Caleb Root. In an interview with The Bark he told us a little bit about himself.

Q: What is your favorite class or classes this year? Why?

A: Algebra 1 because I am better at math than other subjects.

Q: What extracurricular activities or clubs are you in this year?

A: I participated in Junior High soccer, marching band, and I am currently in Junior High basketball.

Q: What would you change about school if you could? Why?

A: I would put English and reading together. I think we could put them together without any problems.

Q: What is one interesting fact about you or a talent that you have that most people don´t know?

A: I am pretty good at surfing and snow boarding.

Q: Are you going to the Snowball dance? If so, who will you hang out with?

A: I am probably going to the Snowball dance, and I will most likely hang out with my friends.

Q: What memory/event do you hope to never forget about junior high school?

A: I hope I never forget about the powder puff game that Drew Byers, Kaedyn Pago, and I put together.


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