Disney Valentine Dinner


I asked seventh-grade students and teachers this question:  “If you could have Valentine’s Day dinner with one Disney character, who would it be and why?”

Here’s how they replied:

Eva Wadding:  “Stitch because he’s very cute and would be fun to hang out with.”

Keihin Rupp:  “Mickey Mouse because I would want to ask him if I could play in his club house.”

Hayden Giles:  “Mulan because she’s a samurai, and that’s cool. ”

Jenna Bailey:  “Stitch because he’s cute.”

Mylee Harmon:  “Olaf because he’s really funny and attractive.”

Keaton Ammerman:  “Minnie Mouse because she is very joyful and seems like a nice little mouse.”

Karter Wilson:  “I would pick no one because I would rather be single.”

Reese Minich:  “Beast from Beauty and the Beast because he is really nice.”

Claire Hepler:  “Peter Pan because he’s magical.”

Laci Campbell:  “Stitch because it would be cool to get to know him and what he’s like in person.”

Kendall Kirkpatrick:  “Mickey Mouse because he has a great personality.”

Hayden Rearick:  “Mickey Mouse because I wanted to ask him what is it like inside the clubhouse.”

Keja Elmer:  “Sponge Bob! Oh wait, that’s Nickelodeon.”


Teacher Answers:

Mr. Carrier:  ” Elsa because she can sing just like I can.”

Mrs. D.:  “Of course I would pick Forky from Toy Story 4 to eat dinner!  How else would I twirl my spaghetti?”

Mrs. Hawk:  ” Belle from Beauty and the Beast because I would want to talk with her about books, since we both like to read.”

Mrs. Chludzinski:  “Goofy because he’s very amusing. He would make me laugh and I like to laugh.”

Mrs. McNaughton:  “Mary Poppins because I love her and she could teach me how to sing.”

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