Jr High Student Feature 02.03.20


Mackenna Rankin

This weeks Jr High student feature goes to Mackenna Rankin. In an interview with The Bark they told us a little bit about themselves.

Q: What is your favorite class or classes this year? Why?  

A: My favorite classes are Civics and Science. Dr. Harmon and Mr. Laird are both funny and make classes enjoyable. 

Q: What extracurricular activities or clubs are you in this year? 

A: I am in Jr High Track, colorguard, Bible Club. I am planning to do volleyball this year.  

Q: What would you change about school if you could? Why? 

A:I wish our dress code was a bit less strict and I also wish we had wider halls so people are not pushed into me. 

Q: What is one interesting fact about you or a talent that you have that most people don’t know. 

A: I can wiggle my ears, and I really like to bake. 

Q: Are you going to the Snowball dance? Who will you hang out with?

A: Yes, I will be hanging out with my friend group. 

Q: What memory/event do you hope you never forget about junior high school?  

A:  Some of my favorite memorys are the snowball, snow camp, and hanging out in Mrs. Dinger’s.