Nelson, RV Grad “Setting” Pretty At Mercyhurst


Torilynne Nelson setting the ball for a kill!

Torilynne Nelson, a 2019 graduate from Redbank Valley, is excelling on the court and in the classroom at MercyHurst North East. In an interview with Torilynne (TL), she gave us some information about her on the court and some advice for future graduates here at Redbank Valley.

The Bark: What college do you attend?

Torilynne Nelson: Mercyhurst North East

TB: What fears about college have you overcome?

TN: I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to balance a social life and my athletics, but it’s actually not as hard as I thought. Seeing that there is a lot of people here on campus that are athletes, we all just find time when we are free.

TB: What sport and position do/did you play?

TN: I play volleyball. I started off at the beginning of the year switching between setting and right side. But as the season went on, I started to just set.

TB: How often do you practice? 

TN: Pre-season we lift, condition, and have practice everyday. In season we practice and condition everyday. Then on the off season we lift everyday.

TB: How much play time are you getting? Are you starting?

TN: I start every game and play all the way around, so I play the whole game.

TB: How frequently do you travel for your sport?

TN:  In season we travel the same as high school just further but since we won the conference and went to nationals we traveled a lot.

TB: Who are your biggest supporters?

TN: My parents, family, teammates, and the friends I still have from high school.

TB: How did you secure an athletic scholarship to this college?

TN: I came up to visit and meet with the coach a couple times, and sent her a video of me playing.

TB: How do you balance the demands of your athletic sport and your academic courses?

TN: It’s pretty difficult but the professors here really work with you. Our volleyball coach likes for us to do study tables and study hours.

TB: Tell me about the recruitment process happen here at Redbank Valley?

TN: Coach Matt Darr really helped when it came to talking to the volleyball coach at Mercyhurst North East. But besides that I did everything else on my own.

TB: What advice could you give RVHS athletes that might be interested in playing at the college level?

TN: Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something because if that is what you really want to do, then do it. It may be hard and stressful but it’s not impossible.

Congratulations Torilynne, keep setting that ball, and don’t stop chasing your dreams!

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