Redbank Valley 2020 Cook-Off!

Judges Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Ripple, and Mrs. Orange

Mylee Harmon and Taylor Ripple, 7th grade students in Mr. D’s English class, wrote, directed, and filmed  the first ever R.V. Chopped cooking show in the family consumer science kitchens on Friday, January 10, during 7th and 8th period.  This project was done for their English class. Broadcast journalism class provided the filming expertise.

Students and teachers had one period to cook and plate their food. The teachers and students who took part in this competition included Mr. Carrier as the announcer. Mr. Carrier brought his typical charm and sense of humor when he introduced the teams.   Teams were made up of two 7th grade sous chefs and a teacher head chef. The following teachers and students participated:

Mr. Terwilliger, Gage Duncan, and Caleb Root.

Mr. Campbell, Reese Minich, and Kieran Fricko.

Mr. Carrillo, Landon Moore, and Drew Byers.


The judges, Mrs. Harmon, Mrs. Ripple, and Mrs. Orange, then had all of 8th Period to taste, judge, and announce which teams dish was the best.  When they judged they took into consideration the looks of the food, taste, and the amount of time and effort put into the making of the food.  The judges said the vote was very close with the judges picking Mr. Carrillo’s  team as the leading cooks.


In an interview, Mylee and Taylor shared some of their experience-

How was it to be directors?

Mylee: I like being in charge, so it was a good responsibility.

Taylor: It was a little stressful at times. If something went wrong then everything would just go downhill from there.


What team did you feel worked the best together?

Mylee: I saw that Mr. T’s team worked really well together, but I was so busy I didn’t get to see each team very much.

Taylor: I think that Mr. T’s team did since they had a lot of communication and connection through band.


How did you come up with this idea?

Mylee: The inspiration mainly came from the paper of ideas Mr. D gave us.

Taylor: Off the sheet Mrs.D gave us.


How did you decide who to pick for teams?

Mylee: We know to do Mr. Carillo so we decided that we would also do Mr. T and Mr. Campbell because we knew it would be really funny.

Taylor: We went around with a sheet and asked people who would be funny on a cooking show and ended up with these three teachers.


What was the most difficult part of this project?

Mylee: Getting coverage for everyone was probably the hardest part.

Taylor: Getting everything organized and set up during 6th period.


What happened that you weren’t expecting?

Mylee: Me and Gage both having nose bleeds and all of the trash-talk

Taylor: All of the trash talk


In your opinion how do you think it went?

Mylee: Even better than we thought it would

Taylor: It went perfectly.