Junior High Student Feature


Drew Byers, 7th grader

This weeks Junior High Student Feature is Drew Byers a 7th grader.

Q: What is your favorite class or classes this year?  Why?

A: Gym class because I love sports and Mr. Rex is an awesome teacher.


Q: What are your thoughts on high school so far?

 A: I like it. I think there is way more freedom than the elementary school.


Q: What extracurricular activities or clubs do you participate in?

A:  I go to Bible Club every Thursday. In sports, I play football and basketball.

Q: What do you expect the rest of your high school career to look like? What clubs will you join? What electives will you take?

A: I’ll definitely continue playing sports, I’m not sure about other things I guess I’ll wait till time comes.

Q: If there was one thing about the high school you could change what would it be? Why? 

A:  I wish we were able to use our Phones.


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