Pink Out Game for RV’s Dawn Davis


On Friday, December 20, 2019, the Lady Bulldogs Basketball Team hosted a Pink Out Game honoring Dawn Davis, who is currently battling cancer. Dawn Davis works at the Redbank Valley High School cafeteria. She is the lunch lady that will happily take your money! She is also the mother of Katie Davis, grade 10, and Brendan Davis, grade 8.

Mrs. Davis was diagnosed with lobular carcinoma, more specifically, HER2-positive.  The cancer is in the lobes of the breast, but it is caused from a protein receptor called HER2 (human epidermal growth factor receptor 2).  Normally, this protein helps breast cells grow, divide, and repair themselves.  But sometimes, something goes wrong in the gene that controls the HER2 protein and the body creates too many of these receptors.  As a result, the cells grow and divide uncontrollably.  About 1 of 5 breast cancers are HER2-positive.

Mrs. Davis’s first thought when she was diagnosed was not about herself.   “I have a brother who died of lung cancer.  So my first thought was, ‘How do I tell my parents that they have another child with cancer?’  The hardest thought of all hit me when I realized that I may pass these genes on to my daughter Katie.  Men can get breast cancer also, so Brendan could be at risk, too.”

Mrs. Davis began chemotherapy on July 9th and finished it on October 23rd.  She had a lumpectomy on November 18th and hopes to start radiation soon.  In the meantime, I have been receiving two cancer targeted drugs through my port.  They do not cause hair loss or nausea like chemo does.  These treatments are every 3 weeks and will last through August 2020.  Mrs. Davis’s cancer is fairly aggressive, which is why she has such a lengthy and comprehensive treatment plan.  However, it is an easily treatable cancer.  The survival rate is 90 – 95%,” she told us.

When The Bark asked Mrs. Davis who has supported her the most, she made sure to give credit to her support team:   “I have received SO much support and concern and love from SO MANY people.  Of course my husband has been by my side the entire time, and my children have been concerned and supportive also.  I honestly feel like the burden they carry is much heavier for them than it is for me.

“Mrs. Jenean Smith, sixth grade teacher at the RV Intermediate School had the exact kind of cancer 11 years ago, so she has been so knowledgeable about the entire process.

“My church family brought meals to us when I was sick from chemo side effects.  My parents have helped us financially.    My boss and workmates at the school have been awesome!

“Now this Pink Out Night from the girls’ basketball team is almost overwhelming.  I have come away from it all with the greatest feeling of gratitude.  I have said from the start that cancer has brought me closer to God (and I thought we were close to begin with).

“The pink out shirts brought tears to my eyes the first time I saw the quote, ‘In this family we fight cancer together’.  It is true for me…with my traditional circle of family, with my church family, with my friends who have been adopted as family and now with my school family as well.  I am blessed with a cancer fighting family!”

Photograph Credit:   Mr. Mike Maslar