District Chorus and Band

District Choir performing a song

Just a few nights ago, the county choir and band students performed at Clarion-Limestone High School for their annual performance.

In order to get ready for county or district music festivals, band students are encouraged to take their instruments home and work on the music, but a lot of times students work during study hall or Activity Period. Sometimes, they are even given time to work on the music in their band or chorus class, since they are still learning more about their instruments and how to play at the best of their ability. The music is chosen by the guest directors at each festival they go to. Students do not have the option to audition for county band, but what they do have the opportunity to do during District band is audition for seating and a possible move up to Region band. This includes the best band students from the thirteen northwest counties in Pennsylvania.

In choir, students audition in front of Mrs. McIntire, and once she chooses them, there is another selection process at the District level to see how many students actually get in. After the students are chosen, they are given a folder of music to rehearse, and they usually have two months to practice prior to the festival. On the day of the festival, each student must complete another audition. This consists of them individually singing a part of two pieces of A Capella music. From that audition, singers in each singing section (soprano, alto, tenor, and bass) are ranked. From each section, the top ten students will move on to the Region Choir festival, which is about two months afterwards. The same thing happens at the Region level, but the competition becomes much more difficult. Only the top four in each section will move on to the state level.

There are three students attending the District Chorus festival in January, including Abby Markle, Carly Over, and Cassie Westover.