Bulldog Brawl


On Wednesday, November 13, the Senior Swat Team took on the Junior Lifeguards in the Bulldog Brawl.


The Lifeguards were coached by Brynn Rearick, Brooke Smith, Brianna Minich, and Elaina Miller.

Playing for the Lifeguards were Gage Snyder, Kobe Bonanno, Hudson Martz, Landon Pence, Trenten Rupp, and Coltin Bartley.

Kills for the Lifeguards:

Hudson Martz and Kobe Bonanno tied for first with 2 kills.

Landon Pence was in second with 1 kill.

Aces for the Lifeguards: 

Hudson Martz came in first with 5 aces.

Gage Snyder and Coltin Bartley tied for second with 3 aces.

Landon Pence came in third with 2 aces.

Swat Team:

The Swat Team was coached by Becca Kunselman, Tara Hinderliter, Kianna Shreckengost, and Lauren Smith.

Playing for the Swat Team were Ethan Wadding, Ethan Hetrick, Ethan Wiant, Declan Fricko, Sam Hetrick, and Anthony Baileys.

Kills for the Swat Team: 

Sam Hetrick came in first with 4 kills.

Anthony Baileys came in second with 3 kills.

Ethan Hetrick came in third with 2 kills.

Aces for the Swat Team:

Ethan Wadding came in first with 9 aces.

Anthony Baileys came in second with 6 aces.

Ethan Wiant came in third with 4 aces.


The first set was a very intense, it started with the Swat Team in the lead then the Lifeguards took over. The Swat Team caught up and took over the set. The Swat team won the first set 25-21. As intense as the first set, the second set was definitely a good one to experience. The score was close the whole time. In volleyball, the first team to score 25 points wins. However, in order to win a set, the team has to win by at least 2 points. For instance, if the score was 25-24 the team with 25 points would have to score one more point to win, as long as the other team doesn’t gain anymore points. The Swat team won the second set 26-24. The third set started with the Lifeguards winning. The Swat Team took over. By the end of the set, the Swat Team had swept the Lifeguards out of the gym. They won the final set 25-14. The senior Swat Team took the victory.


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