Defense Helps Redbank Secure a Spot in D9 Championship


The following photo is of Raymond Shreckengost and Joe Mansfield from Explore Clarion

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After having a tough loss to the Falcon-Knights just three weeks ago for the Conference Championship, the Bulldogs had their chance to face Union/ACV once again. With the help of two pick-sixes, Redbank would be the victors in this game with an outcome of 32 to 6.

   The first punch of the game came from Raymond Shreckengost after he was able to find the endzone after a 20-yard rushing touchdown. Two drives later Samuel Hetrick set the tone after he took a pick-six for about 45 yards for the score, giving the Bulldogs a 12-0 lead over the Falcon-Knights. Another two drives later Joe Mansfield tipped a ball into the air on defense and picked it off, resulting in yet another Bulldog pick-six and a 19-0 lead for Redbank.   But the next drive the Falcon-Knights would be able to put up their first and only score of the game. No team would score on the next few drives, as the teams would then take it into the locker rooms for halftime.

Early on in the second half, Mansfield blocked a punt, which would be the clincher for Redbank as Kobe Bonnano would be able to get a two-yard rushing touchdown following the block. This gave the Bulldogs a 25-6 lead. Redbank would be able to score one more touchdown before the end of the game as Cam Wagner found Mansfield for a six-yard passing touchdown. This score would give us our final of 32 to 6.


  Two other notable defensive plays during this game would be a forced fumble courtesy of Ethan Hetrick, as well as an interception from Coltin Bartley.


This big win for Redbank will put them in the District 9 Championship against undefeated Coudersport. Coudersport was able to beat Redbank with a score of 56 to 0 last time they played each other this season. The outcome could be different this time around due to the number of injuries that the Bulldogs had to deal with the last time they met. Wagner has been able to step up as the starting quarterback for the Bulldogs after Gunner Mangiantini had a season-ending injury. This strength that the Bulldogs are back to could bring out a different outcome.


The Championship will take place at E.J.Mansell stadium in Dubois this Saturday at 1 p.m.