Student of The Week 11.4.19


Q: What are your hobbies and extracurricular school activities?

A: Some hobbies and extracurricular school activities that I participate in are being an active Bible Club leader and participating in the musical. I am also a big sports fan and play hockey, which is one of my favorite sports.

Q: When you get screen time, what are you viewing?

A: Whenever I get screen time, I am usually viewing sports highlights, funny videos, occasionally video games (usually Super Smash Bros), and very rarely read articles.

Q: What is your favorite memory from high school so far?

A: My favorite high school memory so far would have to be this past years musical, Beauty and The Beast. It was a great way to have some fun with others and let my personality come through.

Q: Where is one place on the planet you would like to visit someday? Why?

A: I would like to visit Hawaii because, while I have been to the Caribbean a couple times, everyone tells me that Hawaii is a very different experience, and I would like to find out what they mean.

Q: Favorite class subject and why:

A: My favorite class subject right now would have to be Social Studies because of the way that Dr. Harmon teaches and makes the class fun. I also really enjoy Mr. Gold and his style of teaching this year.

Q: If you could have dinner with anyone from the past or the present, who would it be and why?

A: The person I would have dinner with is Chris Martin from the band Coldplay. I would have dinner with Chris because he seems like a very fun, loving guy. Coldplay is also one of my favorite bands, so I would love to sit down and talk to him a bit.

Q: If you had to write a thank-note to a person who has taught you an important life lesson, who would it be? What lesson did you learn?

A: I would write a thank-you note to any one of my brothers for helping bring out the best in each other in basically any situation.

Q: What is your passion, as of right now in high school?

A: My passion right now in high school is probably travelling or playing and watching hockey. I think any job in the future dealing with travelling would be great for me.

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