School Store Going Mobile


The past two years FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) has been running a school store. During an interview with vice president, Matthew Green, some of the most frequent questions were answered. 

Q: Who are the FBLA officers and members?

A: Declan Fricko, President, Matthew Green, Vice President,  Anthony Baileys, Treasurer, Aidan Griffin, Secretary

Some of the current members are Frankie Dinger, Quinlan Griffin, Abagail Markle, Madison Moore, Landon Pence, and Lauren Smith

Q: When do your take your carts around and sell items?

A: We go to each homeroom every Friday during activity period. 

Q:  Where is the school store coming from (what teacher)?

A: Mr. Bauer is the adviser for the FBLA, the team behind the School Store. 

Q: Why did you choose the school store to raise money for FBLA?

A: The school store is a “hands on” way to learn business practices. (FBLA stands for Future Business Leaders of America.) The School Store is the best way to teach these practices in a realistic way. 

Q: Who originally came up with the idea?

A: The FBLA Class of 2019 originally thought up the idea in 2017: Colin Sheffer, Peyton Kirkpatrick, Ian Taylor and Rachel Niccolai, adviser Mr. Logan. 

Q: What exactly do you sell at the school store?

A: Slim Jims ($0.25), Airheads Reg ($0.25), Caramel Apple Pops ($0.25), Tootsie Pops ($0.25), Gushers ($0.50), Ring Pops ($0.50), Other Ring Pops ($0.50), Twix ($0.50), Milky Way ($1.00), Reese’s ($1.00), Airhead Extremes ($1.00), Hershey’s Variety ($1.00), KitKats ($1.00), Sour Skittles ($1.00), EXTRA ($1.00)