New Elective at Redbank: ServSafe

Redbank Valley is offer a few  new electives this year, including Robotics, Career Options and ServSafe.  Mrs. Orange, the teacher of ServSafe,  shared some information about the new course.

Q: What are the objectives of this class?

A: ServSafe training helps students understand all of the food safety risks faced by carious operations, from food establishments, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and others. Once the students are aware of these risks, they are able to find ways to reduce them. This will help keep these operations, staff and customers safe. By becoming a ServSafe manager, students are taking the first step in a commitment to food safety.

Q: Why did our school district decide to start this course?

A: Vo-tech was the only way a student could receive any type of food certification. This class allows students to complete the course, take the ServSafe manager test and become ServSafe Manager-Certified in just a semester. Also, it added an additional elective to our course to allow more student choices.

Q: What training did you as a teacher have to complete?

A: I became ServSafe certified as a manager, instructor, and proctor, so I am able to teach the course as well as administer the ServSafe manager exam.

Q: How can a student join this class?

A: Students may take the course (semester long) either spring or fall by signing up in the guidance when scheduling.

Q: How does this class help students in the future?

A: Any place that serves food must have a ServSafe manager in site at all times while preparing and serving food. Students will have that certificate after they have passed the exam. They will be chosen above any person that does not have that certification. ServSafe communicated with me that we are providing an amazing opportunity for our high school students here, and it will give them a huge advantage in being hired.

Q: What kind of projects or assignments will students be doing in this course?

A: There is a lot of information to understand in order to keep food safe. We work through chapters and at the end of each chapter (10 in all), there are case studies where students decide if employees are doing things correctly in establishments. Students use all their knowledge and skills to look at real establishments, nursing homes, day care centers, schools and other places that serve food to the public

Don’t forget this spring when you are scheduling to consider ServSafe as one of your electives.