Redbank Valley Classroom Environment

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What is classroom environment? This is one of the most important factors affecting student learning, which uses the emotional and physical aspects of the room to make learning easier. So many schools around the world have changed their view on how classrooms should not just be a few desks and a chalkboard. Instead, they believe that classrooms should create a clam and comfortable environment for their student. Some Redbank Valley staff, such as Mrs. DiGiammarino, Mrs. Orange, Ms. Kasanicky, and Mrs. Weaver have done just that.

The first creative classroom is Mrs. DiGiammarinoś, who is a seventh grade English teacher. In her room, she has two soft arm chairs, colorful lights, beanbags, and so much more. She has been trying to create the perfect climate for her students for quite some time, and this year she is very happy with how her room turned out.

Next, Mrs. Orange has a very colorful room that brings great energy to all of her students. Some of the most imaginative elements throughout her room are the white board with different messages for students, jars with different cooking utensils in them, carts for her different teaching supplies, and a blue couch behind her desk.

Another great classroom is that of Ms. Kasanicky. Her room is plant-themed. Ms. Kasanickyś room is full of exotic plants and pictures of cactus hanging on her walls. She even has a food cart for her kids to grab a bite to eat while they are working! Also, her desks are arranged in a pattern that is unique and best suits what she has her students work on during the school day.

The last great classroom belongs to Mrs. Weaver, a math teacher at the high school. Like Ms. Kasanicky, her room is cactus and alpaca-themed. In the back of her room she has a student work wall, which has some of her classes´ best work. On her counter, she has color coordinated bins for each of her classes, and also has a very organized box for her supplies.

All of these classrooms are just a few examples of how classroom climate has changed over the years. Many more teachers in Redbank Valley, and in many other schools, are making school a comfortable place for students’ education.