Junior High Student Feature


This week’s Junior High Student Feature is Keihin Rupp, a seventh-grade student at Redbank Valley High School. In an interview with The Bark, Keihin shared a little bit about himself.

Q: Do you like high school better than elementary school? Why or why not?

A: I am loving high school a lot because  the whole day goes much faster. I also like that we change rooms for each class.

Q: What are your thoughts on high school so far?

A: I really like it. There is a lot more freedom and the teachers make learning fun.

Q: What is your favorite class or classes this year? Why? 

A: I enjoy computer class because Mr. Bundy is hilarious and makes the class fun. I also love gym class because I am a very active person.

Q: What extracurricular activities or clubs do you participate in?

A: Right now I do not participate in any clubs, but I hope to join Ski Club this winter. Dirtbike racing keeps me busy most of the year. I also participate in mountain bike races when I can.

Q: What do you expect the rest of your high school career to look like?

A: I hope that the rest of my years as Redbank will be fun.