Bible Club Game Night

The crowd of Bible Club members watching their friends play Mario Smash Brothers.

On October 26, 2019, Redbank Valley Bible Club hosted a game night and costume party at vice president, Josiah Reichard’s house. This event was from 7 pm to 11 pm. The DJ present was Matthew Green, who played a variety of great Christian songs. Before the games started, Bible Club members got to enjoy snacks such as an ice cream sundae bar, cake, and pumpkin shaped cookies.

Some fun gamesĀ  that took place during the party were ping-pong, bingo, and Mario Smash Brothers. Mario Brothers was the first game that was played, and was won by Silas Harmon.

Part way through the party, there was a costume contest. Many great outfits including, Thor from Avengers, Eleven from Stranger Things, Mary Poppins, and a group of M&Ms were present. The winner of the costume contest was Marley Best, who dressed as Marry Poppins.

Following the costume contest was bingo. Multiple rounds were played, with plenty of chances for everyone to win. After bingo, there was a pin-pong tournament. Even though the score was very close, LeighAnn Hetrick came out with the victory. When all of the games were finished, winners of each game or tournament were able to choose a great prize from a very large selection on a shelf.

Thank you to all the students who came out to have a good time and to the Reichard family for hosting this event!