Varsity Soccer Teams Make it to Playoffs


Recently, the boys’ and girls’ Varsity Soccer teams made it to playoffs. On Monday, October 14, the girls had their last home game of the season. They played ECC in a tough match but came out victorious. The score was 1-0 with the only goal by senior Kennedy Heeter. This game changed their record to 9:9, qualifying them for playoffs. 

On Wednesday, October 16, the boys played their last game of the season at Franklin. Both teams put up a good fight, but after double overtime, the score ended in a 0-0 tie. It may have been tough to not have won, however they had a good enough record to make it to playoffs. 

The announcement that both teams would have their playoff games on Monday, October, 21, came only days  days ahead of time, so there wasn’t much time to get the word out; however, thank you to anyone who came out to support the varsity teams. 

The girls played at 4:00 on Monday. They played Kane, and although they lost to this team previously, they started off the game strong. Senior, Brooke Eberly scored the first goal only 10 minutes into the game. She shot from outside of the 18 yard mark, and the ball soared through the air into the corner of the goal.

For the rest of the half and into some of the second half, the defense and goalie, Gabby Dinger, kept the other team from scoring. Throughout this entire game, the defense had to work hard to keep the ball out of their side. Star defense players, Austin Kirkpatrick, Rhiannon Laughlin, Megan Gourley, and Lilly Neiswonger, played an amazing game for the team.

In the second half, the ball was pushed up near the opposing team’s goal. After a few kicks from the midfielders, senior, Kennedy Heeter, scored the second goal for Redbank Valley. The assist was by freshman, Bailey Laughlin.

Soon after the second goal, sophomore Reagan Beamer scored the next one. She dribbled up the field and shot from the right corner, making an amazing goal. At this point, the girls were feeling very good about the score and were excited to move on in playoffs; however, the game wasn’t over yet.

With only about 8 minutes left, freshman, Ember Hetrick got the ball and tried to get it to the goal. Although there was no need for her to rush because a defensive player from the opposite team scored a goal for her when trying to kick the ball out of bounds. This was a great game for the Girls Varsity team, and we wish them luck in their next playoff game on Tuesday, October 29. 

The boys team played at 6:30 on Monday. They played ECC, and this game started out a bit differently than the girls. In the first 20 minutes, three goals were scored by ECC; however, the boys didn’t let this stop them. Although there were many shots on goal by the opposing team, the defense and the goalie, Owen Magagnotti, stopped these shots.

Junior Kolton Kline scored both goals for the boys. The first goal was scored about halfway through the first half. Kline shot from outside of the 18 yard mark and made the first goal. Later, in the second half, Kline shot once again from the 18 yard mark and made the second goal for the team.

Throughout the second half, 2 more goals were scored by the opposing team, making the final score for the game 5-2. Although it was a loss for the boys’ team, we congratulate them for making playoffs. Also, good luck in the future to Jacob Faulk, Anthony Baileys, Declan Fricko, Chase Guntrum, and Aidan Griffin, the graduating seniors on the team. 


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