Mini-Puff: Stingers jab the HER-icanes, 60-41


Stinger Lily Wert with the “flagle” of Eva Wadding of the HER-icanes to stop the run

Seventh grade students, Drew Byers, Kaedyn Pago, and Caleb Root, said that they had the idea of organizing a Mini-Puff game because they had to do a project for school. This Mini-Puff game began as an English project in Mrs. Digiammarino’s class. This year Mrs. D, is encouraging her students to use projects to practice and experiment with research,  writing, speaking, and listening skills. The projects also encourage collaboration, emphasizing teamwork, problem-solving, and higher critical thinking.  The boys suggested a powder puff game between grades 7 and 8. After writing a persuasive essay addressed to the principal and later presenting to her in a speech form, these three students gained permission for the Mini-Puff game! These project coordinators have dealt with many obstacles, the most challenging being the short two weeks and they did it ~ with help from a lot of people.

They said that they really liked football and wanted Mini-Puff to be their project. They said that organizing the event had become more difficult than they thought it would be.

Drew Byers, one of the organizers and a Coach for the 7th Grade HER-icanes,  wanted to give some advice to any students coming up to seventh. “Always stay organized and stay on top of your work.”  The game was on Wednesday October, 23, 7th – 8th period. The 7th grade team color was red, the HER- icanes and 8th was yellow, the Stingers. Coaches for 7th was, Head Coach, Drew Byers, Caleb Root, Kaedyn Pago, Broc Monrean, Rylan Rupp, and Breckin Minich. For 8th, Head Coach, Brandon Ross, Caden Adams, Coda Kirkpatrick, Owen Clouse, Mason Clouse, and Cole Lufsey. We can’t forget about our amazing announcers, Keiran Fricko and Ty Carrier. The game was won by the Stingers with a  score of 60-41!




Taylor Ripple on the run for the HER-icanes