Teachers Wear Seniors’ Jerseys


Back row (left to right): Luke Hopper and Mr. Rex: Chase Bish and Mrs. Shirey: Mr. Bundy and Ethan Hetrick: Mr. Carrillo and Trenton Bowersox: Mr Bauer and Delcan Fricko: Mrs, Moore and Javin Brentzel: Mrs. Orange and Alex Carlson: Front row (Left to right): Ethan Wadding and Mr. Hibell: Sam Hetrick and Mrs. Harmon: Mr. Laird and Austin Leasure, Mrs. Carrier and Anthony Baileys: Justin Ferringer and Mrs Lightner

This past Friday October 19 was the last scheduled home game for the varsity football team. With that comes the annual tradition of senior night. This year Coach Gold asked the seniors to give there jerseys to a teacher that has impacted their life the most throughout their high school career. Mr. Gold also asked the seniors to write a note to the teacher they chose explaining why they chose that them.

From Mr. Golds’ Facebook post

Some of the notes included:

“Despite what happend to me, you were positive and always cared for me.”

” You are a great role model.”

” You always encouraged me.”

“You were the first person to teach me how to play football.”

“I’m so glad that I could take your hands-on class.”

“You always try to prepare us for whatever challenges we may face.”

If you want to read more about the 2019 Senior Football Players read The Senior Night Article.

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