Ethan Mclntire’s civics project


Dr. Harmon has been doing the civic engagement project with eighth graders since 2017. He is surprised each year by the variety of ideas that the students propose. Dr. Harmon says students seem willing to get started right away each year when presented with this project. In addition to McIntire’s project, a bake sale for Hurricane Dorian survivors has already been completed. Dr. Harmon is overall happy and surprised with the results he is receiving.

Ethan chose to collect items for the homeless because “ church does this (donates to the homeless) and I wanted to help the church with its mission.” Ethan says doing this task as his project makes him feel good. He feels proud knowing he is helping those in need.

Dr. Harmon believes this project is a good example of what an individual can do to help others. “Despite Ethan’s age, he can still make a big impact on peoples’ lives.”

We asked Ethan if he is happy with the results so far. He stated, “No matter how much I receive in donations, I could never have enough. The homeless would always need more.”

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