Behind the Scenes: TV Truck


My Dad and I in a TV truck behind the stadium!

When you watch TV you don’t really think of what happens to get a show to air. It actually takes a lot of people to do all of the different types of controls and cameras. Recently, I had the opportunity to go inside a TV truck on Sunday, October 6, 2019, at none other than a Steelers’ football game. 

When we entered one of the TV trucks, there were many people in it, so it made it look crowded. Many different types of controls, screens, and buttons were everywhere, and, of course, I did not want to touch any of it. The technicians in the truck were working, so we couldn’t talk loudly. They had headsets on and were talking to their co-workers on the football field with cameras.

Dad and I explored the TV compound which includes production, replay, audio, and graphics.

In production, the show is “put together” by the producers, director, and technical director. The director calls which cameras go on the air. The technical director switches between sources and inserts graphics (words) on the screen. The sources can be live cameras, replays or animations.

Replay is where all cameras are recorded onto hard drives (similar to your DVR at home) and are edited for replay. An example would be watching the many camera angles of a touchdown. 

Audio is where all audio sources are put together for air. The announcers and effects audio (crowd noise and game action) are all mixed for air. Also, the crew intercom,  which permits all crew members to communicate over headset, is managed in audio. Obviously, intercom does not make air!

Lastly, graphics, which includes stats, fun facts, and other data, are compiled here and presented for broadcast. 

After we left the TV compound, our credentials allowed us to go down to the field. only certain areas were permitted. Dad and I walked to the end zone where the 

team would come out.  As some of the teammates were warming up and stretching, Dad pointed out a camera set-up in the end-zone that was from his company.

As some of the teammates were heading back into the locker room to get changed, many were giving autographs. I cannot believe how big some of the players are!

We stayed down on the field as long as we could, but we had to go to our seats 45 minutes before kickoff.

I  learned just how many different jobs there are in broadcasting, but more importantly,  it was an awesome day to spend with my Dad.

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