New Club: Travel Club


L to R; Jack Shaffer, Vice President; Mathew Green, Public Relations; Rhiannon Laughlin, Secretary; Dr. Harmon, Adviser; Not pictured: Clara Gourley, President

A new club, the Travel Club, was started at Redbank Valley High School by Dr. Harmon. This club is for any student who enjoys traveling and would want to participate in trips around the world with other Travel Club members. The 2021 trip is to Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, and Switzerland.  There was a meeting on 10/09/19 to discuss the trip. Anyone who attended was able to find out important information about it. 

Some cities that the students will be stopping at while in Europe include Vienna, Prague, Munich, and Zurich. This trip is expected to be about 10 days long with an overnight flight. For now the trip is planned for July 4 through 13 of the year 2021. The date will be decided for sure as we get closer to the trip.

The students will be doing many different activities while in Europe. These activities would include doing a scavenger hunt in Vienna and taking tours in all of these places. Students will also be taking a walking tour in Prague, and on the way to Munich, students will be stopping in Germany and visiting Dachau, which was a concentration camp built in 1933. While in Munich, travelers will take an expert-led tour around the Olympic stadium.

The last stop on the trip will be Zurich.  After Zurich travelers will fly home. Harmon decided to choose EF tours because many of his teacher friends recommended them, and they seemed to be the best option after his research.

One major issue parents may be worried about is safety, mostly because their kids will be in another country far away from home. However, Harmon found that EF tours will provide our group with 24/7 tour directors and 24-hour emergency line in case of emergencies.

Furthermore, during the meeting, Harmon said that his trip to Poland was “a life changing trip.” So, if you are having any doubts about the trip, listen to Harmon when he says that it will be a wonderfully life changing experience for all. 

Harmon decided to create Travel Club because traveling is his hobby. He has traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. Harmon says, “It wasn’t, however, until my trip to Poland did I get to travel internationally – and it changed my life.” He also said that he learned a lot from traveling internationally, and he wanted to bring that back to RVHS.

When asked why he choose the places for the trip, Harmon said that before going to Poland, he thought that a more traditional European trip would be great (London, Paris, Rome). After visiting Krakow, Poland, his views changed on the matter. He felt that nothing compared to the beauty, architecture, culture, and history in Central Europe.

Harmon wanted at least 25 students to make it an official club. Harmon also said that each meeting will be different. They’ve brainstormed different topics that may be discussed at each meeting including passports, Ubering, currency conversion, airplane travel, hostels vs. hotels vs. Airbnbs, and so on. There are also many people lined up to speak at meetings.

Harmon said that he “hopes students will learn about traveling and shed any fears or apprehension. I want students to be confident and go other places and learn about different cultures, taste different foods, and see amazing stuff.” 

Harmon told us that there is only room for 45 people to go. So far he has 38 people signed up. If you are interested in or have any questions about the club or trip, ask Dr. Harmon.