Game of the Year: Redbank Valley vs Coudersport


Photo taken by Molly Nolf.

What a season the Bulldogs have been able to produce so far, starting the season with a 7-0 record. But this week, the team will face their toughest opponent yet. Both teams are ranked within the top 15 for Single-A in the state. The Bulldogs have been getting a lot of attention this year from having such a stellar season.

The togetherness of these teams is what has lead to success. Togetherness for the Bulldogs this season includes helping with leading a youth football camp, coaching a weekly flag football program, work in the kitchen to help benefit the Community Center during the fair, help set up for the Peanut Butter Festival, and much more, all together as a team.

Also for the first time this year, according to D9Sports website, Redbank Valley ranks in at Number 1 in the entire District while Coudersport ranked in at second. D9 is also calling this game a “mega Top 10 matchup.” This matchup will be held on Saturday night, October 11,  at Coudersport. I think this game will come down to the defense–Who wants it more?

Offensively, leading the team as the starting QB this year is sophomore, Gunner Mangiantini. He has had the opportunity of taking over for three-year starter Keaton Kahle. He has done very well this year for being handed such a huge role. The running backs this year are lead by a big trio that consists of Ray Shreckengost, Kobe Bonnano, and Hudson Martz. In total already, the running game has put up close to 1,500 yards and about 30 touchdowns. The wide receivers have also been very strong this year; they consist of Ethan Hetrick, Samuel Hetrick, Dalton Bish, Javin Brentzel and Trenten Rupp. Mangiantini has been able to find all of his wideouts well and has given them all their a fair number of passes. Last for the offense is the line, lead by senior captain Trent Bowersox. Also on the line is Aidan Gardner, Coltin Bartley, Luke Hopper, Kolby Barrett, as well as Carsen Rupp and tight end Chase Bish thrown into the mix. Overall, the offense has been pretty solid this year.

Defensively, the team has been amazing this year.  The defensive line is led by senior captain Ethan Hetrick, who is already one of the top players in the state for his position and is coming close to breaking the single-season sack record.  At the other end is the speed demon Joe Mansfield.  Mansfield has been able to put up his fair share of sacks.  Also on the defensive line is Ray Shreckengost, Hudson Martz, Brenden Shreckengost, Kolby Barrett, and Ethan Wadding.  The linebackers include two captains, Chase Bish and Justin Ferringer, along with Kobe Bonanno and Coltin Bartley.  All have all done a great job this year in shutting down offenses. Lastly, are the DB’s,  Samuel Hetrick, Trenten Rupp, Dalton Bish, Austin Leasure, and Javin Brentzel.  Overall this has been one of the most aggressive defenses that Redbank has had in a while.

Both Redbank and Coudersport have gotten a lot of media attention in the last couple of weeks and should bring an exciting game this Saturday.

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