The National Honor Society

The National Honor Society

Madison Harman, Editor

Throughout the country it is considered a high honor to be a member of National Honor Society. According to the National Honor Society Website, NHS has four main purposes: to create enthusiasm for scholarship, stimulate a desire to render service, promote leadership, and develop character. These purposes also play a vital role in choosing which applicants will be granted access into the society.

Redbank Valley has just recently brought NHS back into its hallways, with the 2013-2014 school year being the first year students were able to join.

In order to gain access to NHS, students with a 3.5 GPA or higher are asked to fill out an application naming their activities, clubs, and accomplishments throughout high school. Once applications are looked over, several students are granted admission to the National Honor Society.

In some cases, being a part of National Honor Society may seem like a lot of extra work, but the benefits are definitely worth it. For starters, being able to say you’ve been a part of NHS looks great on college applications. It shows colleges the dedication each student must have had towards high school, and it proves that the work ethic will follow through college, as well. Throughout membership in NHS, multiple service projects are planned and organized as well, leading to many hours to count towards community service, another good factor to have on applications.

Redbank Valley’s NHS project was planning and holding the annual options fair on January 22. Thanks to constant planning from the officers and help from each member, 24 colleges were able to attend and speak with students from 9th to 12th grade.

If you are a student preparing to apply for NHS, be sure to keep up community involvement and other activities to add detail to your application when the time comes!