What you missed in entertainment news last week

Arrests made in Mac Miller’s Death

Three men were arrested during the investigation of rapper Mac Miller’s death. The men were charged with providing drugs that made him overdose and die. All three men have been charged in the past with with drug-related situations.

Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes

Camila says that she is very in love with Shawn Mendes and that they are a happy couple. On October 2, 2019,  Camila made a public announcement that she “really, really loves him a lot.”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott take a break

Kylie and Travis haven’t been together in public since August 27, 2019. They have been trying to get their relationship to work for a while. A couple weeks ago they decided to take a break, at least for right now. This isn’t the first time they have taken a break;  however, they will “continue to co-parent and keep baby Stormi as their number one priority.”

Jeff Lewis, host of Flipping Out on Bravo network,  makes a donation to get his daughter back into school.

Jeff Lewis’s daughter got expelled from her former preschool after he made negative comments about some of the students’ parents on his radio station. Lewis and his ex-partner found a new preschool for her; however, it wasn’t easy to get her in.