Cafeteria Food Review: Korean Beef Over Rice


RVHS cafeteria staff added a new item to the menu, Korean beef over rice, on September 25, 2019, and students will have another opportunity to try this new item as it makes its second appearance this Wednesday, November 6. 

The students in our school had a lot to say about this new menu item.  A freshman, Hailey Duespohl said, “It was very good, probably the best meal from the school!  The meat has a lot of flavor and pizzazz.”   One student, Mia Gourley, said, “The beef has the perfect amount of spice!”

There were some mixed feelings about the taste of this meal. Although many students described the rice as bland, all agreed that the beef was very well seasoned.   Ryley Pago said,”I like it a lot.”  We asked Abby Young and Kenzie Theil if they would eat this lunch again, and they both said,”Yes!”

A few students mentioned that the dish could use a vegetable like broccoli.   Everyone that was interviewed thought the serving was generous, and they were full after eating.   When asked to rate this lunch on a scale from 1-10,  the average score was a 7, so the students seemed to have really enjoyed it.

Our very own cafeteria staff  took the time to answer a few questions about the new cuisine. When asked why they chose to serve this specific meal, Mr. Reitz, the cafeteria manager, answered, “We wanted to try new items and change up the menu a bit.” He also mentioned, “I found this menu online and noticed that it was a non-processed dish that students might enjoy.”

It was interesting to discover that the cafeteria staff selects the  new menu  items; makes sure the recipe is following USDA guidelines; and checks the price when trying to add a new dish to the menu.  Reitz said that it was “extremely difficult” to choose a new item when dealing with such a strict budget and guidelines.   

When asked about the health benefits of the lunch, Reitz said that Korean Beef over Rice had only 460 calories and goes above and beyond for our school lunch requirements. The meal also has a sufficient amount of protein, which keeps the students in our school strong throughout the day.

He added, “I think I eat like a high-schooler, so I pick things that I  like.” When he tried the new recipe, he liked it a lot; however,  he would serve broccoli with it next time.  With 131 students in A and B Lunch, choosing to purchase the new menu item, this shows that it was a big hit.

Korean beef over rice is a menu item that students will definitely look forward to, and we would recommend it to anyone buying a school lunch on Wednesday. 

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