Junior High Takes First in Academic Challenge


The Junior High Enrichment Academic Challenge team consists of Cole Lufsey, Caden Adams, Elliot Rutkowski and Mackenna Rankin, who are all in the eighth grade. At the Academic Challenge, there are four rounds with 15 to 22 questions per round. Each section lasted a duration of eight minutes, and there were multiple types of questions. The RV team competed against seven other schools to earn the first place.

We had the chance to interview our academic challenge winners:

Q: How did you prepare for the tournament?

A: We looked up random facts on the internet, and practiced multiple different categories.

Q: What is your best/favorite category?

A: Cole likes math questions, Caden is best at the sports category, Elliot’s favorite is history and geography, and Mackenna’s good at science and mythology.

Q: How well did you do throughout the entire competition?

A: We were ahead by at least one hundred points in every round.

Q: Who is considered the best out of the team?

A: Elliot Rutkowski is our highest scorer every year.

There will be two other scrimmages to come, with the finals this coming January. This ultimate competition is called the Academic Bowl. The Bark wishes good luck to this year’s academic challenge team!