Top 10 Redbank Sports Moments of the 2018-19 season

Photo from Kyle Yates

10. Coach Gold becomes head coach for the varisty football team after Waz steps down
Coach Waz (Wasilowski) finally decided to take off his hat as head coach for the varsity football team after coaching them for over twenty years. Coach Gold was the lineman coach for the varsity team for a while now.

Coach Gold Becomes Redbank Valley Head Coach

From what the community and school board saw from Gold in the past, it was a sure decision for him to get the job. Since Gold got the job, he has done many things to improve our program as a team and throughout the community. He has already invested time for the community by creating a youth camp that involves seven athletes that know much about the

sport, one even being a former pro bowler. He also is investing in a youth flag football program for the young kids who want to have a easier introduction to the football experience. For varsity, he has  implemented many great initiatives for this team. One, he brought in former graduate Devin Shumaker to help improve the lifting technique of the players on the team. He also was able to push the players by adding an extra day of lifting, instead of having just Monday, Tuesday, and Thursdays for lifting. They will now have Wednesdays to lift and get a workout in. Overall, the impact that Gold has put in for this program has been very effective, but it will be hard to see the efforts of Waz leaving the team.


9. Sophomore Aidan Gardner gets huge win to clinch the team win at Hickory Wrestling Tournament
After an insane day of wrestling, the deciding match of this tournament would come down to the 220 match of Aidan Gardner and

Aidan Gardner has a Huge Win to lead to Hickory Tournament Win

Ty Stahli from Kane. Going into this match both teams knew they had to win. This was a 22 team tournament that came down to the very wire. Aidan fought and fought in this match that would be decided in the final period. With less than ten seconds left in the match, Gardner picked up Stahli off the ground and slammed him to the mat. Stahli looked almost as if he was unconscious as he lay there on the mat. The crowd went ballistic as the match finally ended. It was uncertain whether it ended in a pin or by points, but it was one insane match. The team went to celebrate, for they had just won this huge tournament. Gardner was not the only one who had placed. Ridge Cook and Mason Songer both took first. Brayden Altobelli took second, Ethan Wiant took third, Travis Crawford took fourth, Trenton Rupp took sixth, Kristopher Shaffer took seventh, and Hudson Martz took eighth. Overall this was a great team win as they took first overall.

8. Former Head Coach Dave Moore gets inducted into the PA Hall of Fame

Dave Moore Gets Elected into PA Football Coaches Hall of Fame

Redbank Valley Former Varsity Football Head Coach Dave Moore started his coaching career at Redbank in 1978. With the Bulldogs, Moore went 118-52-5. His win percentage was over .500, something that many coaches may not experience. Moore was also able to win three KSAC Championships, one Little 12 Conference Championship, and two District Championships. All of these accolades will be what made him such a great candidate to join the 2019 Pennsylvania Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame. Coach Moore was the first ever coach from Redbank Valley to join this prestigious class. This was truly a great honor to see somebody from Redbank inducted. 

Girls 4×800 makes it to states with two Freshman

7. Girls 4 x 800 takes 1st Team All- Conference and goes to States with two freshman on team
RVHS Girls’ Track  4 x 800 was able to take second in the district and that gave themselves a spot in the state meet. The girls are very proud of what they did. They said, “It’s an unreal feeling to be all- conference and going to states with two freshman on the team.” It is not an everyday occurence when you get 1st Team All-Conference with two freshman on the team, not to mention them going to states. Yes, they didn’t do too well, but they didn’t finish last. This year was a good learning experience for the two freshman. The team consisted of Freshman, Ryleigh Smathers; Freshman, Quinn Fricko; Sophomore, Emma Huffman;  and Junior, Carley Shick. Overall this was an impressive season for all of these girls. This same team will compete together next year and will have a great shot at taking first in the district and possibly even going all the way and placing in the state.

Redbank Basketball Beats an Undefeated North Clarion

6. Redbank Valley Basketball team beats an undefeated North Clarion
What a game this was for the Boys Basketball team, as they were able to beat an undefeated North Clarion team. Two seniors for the Bulldogs, Nick Smith and Keaton Kahle, had outstanding games. Both of these two combined for a total of 44 points. Also in this game, Bryson Bain and Declan Fricko were able to put up 12 points each. The team’s big Tanner Kerle had a solid performance for himself scoring 14 points. The Bulldogs would win 86-78. This win would give them a huge push into the playoff appearances that they made that season. Coach Marshall was able to lead his team to a solid season with the team going just below .500. Next year the team should have an impressive season with the District’s Rookie of the Year, Chris Marshall, returning along with freshman standout Bryson Bain. Next year senior Declan Fricko should also be getting a lot of time on the court as he could be a possibility for replacing one of the team’s captains, Nick Smith.

Nick Smith Breaks School Scoring Record

5. Nick Smith Breaks RVHS Scoring Record for a Game at 49 points
On January 14, 2019 Nick Smith broke the scoring record of 44 points with his 49 point game. Shawn Crissman held the record since 1991. Nick was the first person since Sam Heeter to score (42 points in a game in 2016.) Nick had an insane game going 7/15 from the three point line and 6/9 from the foul line. Overall he had a 58.1 shooting percentage. Nick went on to have a great season and helped lead his team to the district playoffs.  Not only was Smith’s record a school record but it was a actually a District 9 record, and it will be one that he, along with the whole basketball team will never forget.

Chris Marshall Wins Rookie of the Year

4. Chris Marshall wins Rookie of the Year for Basketball

Chris was a valuable asset to our basketball team this season. He managed to finish the season with. 12.7 points, 3 rebounds, 3 steals, 2 assists.  Chris was  one of the top go-to scorers on the team. He stepped up in the big moments of the game and always delivered for the team. The Bulldogs had a great season, and Marshall was a leader throughout that whole season, especially when they beat an undefeated North Clarion. He then played impressively when the team went on their run in the playoffs. In their game against Karns City during the season, Marshall had his career high game putting up an impressive 27 points as a Freshman. Overall, Marshall put up one of the best Freshman seasons Redbank has seen in a long time and he will be a sure starter in next year’s season.

Girls Track Wins KSAC and Goes Undefeated

3. Girls Track Team goes Undefeated and wins first solo KSAC Championship
This was the first time our Redbank Valley Girls track team went undefeated. They outscored their opponents 1025 – 325. On all of the events, our girls would come in the top percent most of the time. The girls track team won the KSAC in 2001; however, it was a tie with Karns City. The girls were able to send about 20 athletes from their team to the District meet. This team is one of, if not the greatest, girls Track and Field teams of Redbank Valley history. One of the more notable wins from the season would have to come from their huge wins against Moniteau and Karns City. In all of their wins, they we able to hold off their opponents to just 325 points. This is something that is unheard of for a track team.

2. Volleyball wins District 9 AA
One sport for the Bulldogs that has recently been on fire would have to be our volleyball program. The lady

Volleyball Wins District

Bulldogs were able to win their second district title in the last three years. This was a difficult championship for the team, but they managed to pull through with the win. Redbank senior Carissa Rearick was able to fulfill her role as a leader on the team and was overall named Hager Player of the Game. With the team going to the state playoffs, they unfortunately lost in the first round. The Seniors that helped win this district title were Jordan Milliron, Torilynne Nelson, Carissa Rearick, Josie Rupp, Kristen Shaffer, Shylie Shreckengost, and Hope Spence. These ladies put  time and effort into winning this championship and it will be hard for the team to go on without them.

1. Samuel Hetrick breaks High Jump Record with 6’ 7″ and ranks in at 1st in the State

Samuel jumped 6’ 7″ at the Brookville invitational and set the meet record and Redbank Valley School’s record. This height matched last year’s

Samuel Hetrick Ranks First in State

Pennsylvania high jump gold medalist, Darius Johnson. Hetrick has a real chance to win gold at States this year. Hetrick was not only a standout for high jump, he also was able to make it to districts in seven different events. Hetrick was able to attempt 6’ 8″ and came close to getting it at Moniteau,  where he just nipped the bar with his foot. Overall, Hetrick was able to have an impressive track season nonethe less, and it will be great to see what he is able to do in his last year at Redbank and in college to come.